Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick update

Well, tomorrow I go in for the lining check. I am pretty sure we are going through with this cycle no matter what because of the biopsy. Have to take advantage of the inflammation, I guess. If everything goes as planned, I should start progesterone on Wednesday. I think the norm is 6 days then the FET. I asked the nurse if it is possible to do one embryo at a time with the FET, but I received no reply. After all, if it was my sucky lining then I don't want to blow two more embryos for nothing. I am really worried because we only have 4 frosties left. I think they range in grade from AB-CB.

In the fresh cycle we transferred one 5AA blast and one 4AA 5 day blast. From the initial HCG they think both implanted then something went terribly wrong. I probably will save those details for another time, but lets just say those were the worst cramps I have ever experienced in my entire life.

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  1. Hi Maredsous,

    7 days! holy crap! that is so exciting! I hope you get the single FET answer so you can know what is coming up. I am always better with more information.
    sometime will you tell me more about the cramping? I have had severe cramping twice during the implantation window, severe as in can barely breathe, no let up, wake up out of a dead sleep and writhe for hours-- so if you have information about what the hell that was all about, I'm all ears or emails. My ex doc blew it off.
    I do not want to PTSD you though, so only share it you want to.

    thank you for your sweet support,