Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not feeling it

Wow, what a year. So many of the IF community have had fantastic results. It really gives me hope that this whole process just might work. I have always wanted to compile a data sheet to keep track of all of these positives and track them out, but then the statistician in me screams out and says but if all of those people get pregnant, somebody must fall on the negative side. Because I don't believe much in luck or gambling, I am forced to place myself on the side of doubt of having a negative result no matter what I do. But enough of this self pity.

I am absolutely overjoyed to hear of Kates at wonderful news. She has been through a lot and according to my statistics she has been persistent enough to fall into the positive category. You go, girl.

In other news, if I were superstitious I would be a little happy. My fortune cookie on Friday had some hokey fortune, but on the back the Chinese translation that was listed said Son. Lets see what wins out.


  1. thanks for the sweet support Maredsous!
    I think the stats just suck. I did an informal survey on my own frequently read blog list from the past year and a half and all have gotten pregnant and stayed pregnant (so far) except about 4 of us. So, since you're on my blog list, your chances are excellent.

    really though, I just would like to be pregnant with you. So please please please let this work for both of us. If we get points for effort, then this should be a shoo in. If only.


  2. Listen here Scrunchy and two need to get down to business and start burrowing into that uterus awaiting you. Sending good wishes!

  3. I will be thinking of you and wishing you lots of stickyness. Hopefully there are lots of November/December babies for all of us!