Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Headache 5dp5dt

I am on symptom watch. Just like last time I have this horrible migraine. It is earlier than I had it last time, and it is very annoying. My nurse told me that it was a good sign last time. I wonder why that is. It can't be because of extra progesterone in the system. That has been going on for several days already and the headache just started yesterday. I have a slight head cold so maybe it is a symptom of that, but usually I don't suffer from headaches. The only time I get them is right before menstruation. I find they muddle my brain. I can't talk straight when I have a migraine. My thoughts get all mixed together and I sound like an idiot in conversations. Concentration is often a problem, too.

Last night I felt the most mild cramps ever. Maybe I am reaching, but I am very in tune with my body and I am pretty sure it was something uterine. Not just an upset stomach.

I also have not been able to sleep well. I am a little worried about this. I want my body to be rested and energized to keep the little ones on normal circadian rhythm. It can't hurt at least. Maybe I will try to get a few more hours sleep.

Not much else to report. I bought some cheapo pregnancy sticks online, so lets hope they get here by Thursday so I can test then. If not, I will wait til they arrive.


  1. Thinking of you while you wait! And hoping that the headache is a sign of good things to come. :)

  2. Ahhhh migrane- not happy about it for you, but maybe happy about it for it/them! And I think the crampy is a great sign. Mine is reassuring.

    Thursday = tomorrow for testing? Shit M, I will be traveling and am not sure when I will be able to check in on you!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Go early positive, what a wonderful gift that would be.


  3. one more thing- god the 2ww goes by fast for you 5 dayers. Holy moly.
    ok, now I'm done.

  4. Hey lady, thanks for stopping by my blog & your kind words! Fingers crossed you get a BFP too! I'd say the migraine is definitely a good sign!!!

  5. I am thinking of you and hoping for your BFP! Good Luck and drink lots of water and gatorade, it is supposed to help with the headaches according to my nurse!