Monday, May 9, 2011


Two gestation sacs. Two yolk sacs. One is quite a bit smaller than the other. Dr was very noncommittal about it saying we will see what happens at the heart beat sonogram. Next u/s on wednesday. If heart beat is detected then that is the end of PIO and me@drol. Yippee. Only prenatal vitamin and e2 program suppository. That I can handle.

Symptoms.......hmmmm none to speak of.

The occasional ovary pain. Lack of hunger but no nausea. Breasts really not as sore, but nipples are like twice the normal size. Could I be imagining this? Mild cramping that feels more like indigestion than any thing. Still waking up at 5 am.

Stuck our heads in babies r u*s yesterday. How does any one ever decide what is essential and what is fluff?

Hoping or the best on weds.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nothing new to report. Awaiting u/s tomorrow. Won't have a heart beat yet, just see the sacs.

No symptoms at all. Bbs are less sore now that I am off the injection e2. Still wake up at 5 every day. Then can't get back to sleep. Is this medrol related?

I do have a headache. Hope it is not some kind of sign.

Traveling on Thursday. Hope injections go fine on the road. I consider myself pretty flexible, but the left side is really difficult to get.