Monday, May 9, 2011


Two gestation sacs. Two yolk sacs. One is quite a bit smaller than the other. Dr was very noncommittal about it saying we will see what happens at the heart beat sonogram. Next u/s on wednesday. If heart beat is detected then that is the end of PIO and me@drol. Yippee. Only prenatal vitamin and e2 program suppository. That I can handle.

Symptoms.......hmmmm none to speak of.

The occasional ovary pain. Lack of hunger but no nausea. Breasts really not as sore, but nipples are like twice the normal size. Could I be imagining this? Mild cramping that feels more like indigestion than any thing. Still waking up at 5 am.

Stuck our heads in babies r u*s yesterday. How does any one ever decide what is essential and what is fluff?

Hoping or the best on weds.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nothing new to report. Awaiting u/s tomorrow. Won't have a heart beat yet, just see the sacs.

No symptoms at all. Bbs are less sore now that I am off the injection e2. Still wake up at 5 every day. Then can't get back to sleep. Is this medrol related?

I do have a headache. Hope it is not some kind of sign.

Traveling on Thursday. Hope injections go fine on the road. I consider myself pretty flexible, but the left side is really difficult to get.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Intralipids tomorrow

U/s next wednesday

Still worried beyond belief. But I totally love the re's office. Everyone is so nice. I see the re every time and although he is not the most personable I still feel like he cares. In addition, I get my blood drawn at 8 and we have the result by noon! In addition the re calls personally. Embarrassing fact. My husband is in charge of most correspondence. For example, the re calls him and not me. DH also takes care of all monetary stuff and the donor coordination (and most of the selection) I wanted to reduce my stress levels this cycle.

Any way that is the update for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Been AWOL. Didn't really feel like jinxing myself. So only a brief note.

Tested by hot

6dp5dt. LSP. I have developed a new acronym for women like me who test too early. Little skinny positive. It happens when there is just a hint of a line.

8dp5dt BFP well just a little more noticeable from day before.

9dp5dt. bFP using digital. It came up in less than a minute

10dp5dt. Beta #1. 181

Still worried. have cramps that come and go. Last time beta doubled then two days later it all went wrong. No migraine this time. Maybe that is a good thing

Go for beta #2 tomorrow am. Hoping beyond hope . Just trust in the odds. Something is bound to work this time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011



Two breakfast bars
Carnation instant breakfast drink
4white chocolate squares
3chicken wings
2steak crostinis
Steak nachos
Gummi bears


Light cramps
Ovary aches

5 things

The song Wildfire
Free seeking games on the I*pad
Gummi bears
The tv show supernatural
......a wimpy but definite BFP

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Two breakfast bars
Carnation instant breakfast
Peanut butter
Chex mix
Veggie frittata
Gummy bears
Four squares white chocolate


Still sporadic cramps

Injection on left side wasn't too bad tonight
Weather was nice and cool
Parents tickets bought for May visit
Puppy snuggling up next to me

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just not feeling it today. Feel that it didn't work and we have to start over again, which we won't.

But right I am supposed to be positive here.

Good things

Rain storm today. I don't know when or how much it rained but we needed it.
I had an experiment that worked beautifully today.
Was very productive at work today
Nectarines. They really are my favorite fruit. I especially like them when they are quite firm.
I am really tired should have no problems falling asleep

Food yikes! I need more vegetables
Leftover pad woo sen
Jolly rancher chews
Blueberry breakfast bar
Griiled cheese sandwich
Left over grilled potatoes
10 chips and salsa and bean dip

Weird feeling in my lady parts
Rash on both buttocks and upper thighs
Ovaries hurt


My goodness this is taking forever. I will not poas stick until Friday. But even a full day of work was not able to distract me. Not feeling pregnant. The last two times I felt different. Twinges here and there.


Decaf coffee
Pizza-homemaevwith turkey sausage, roasted corn, tomatoes,mushrooms,roasted bell pepper and olives.
Three jolly rancher candies
Blood orange


Breasts very sore but I have to repeat that this is because I am on super high levels of injectible e2
Feeling constipated is this a side effect of progesterone?
Minor cramping. Very hard to determine if this is because of above or separate.
Lack of hunger
Mild insomnia

Mr hu did not travel to work so I got to see him an extra day
He cleaned the kitchen
Jolly rancher candies
There still seems to be something going on in my insides
Taxes done and found documentation that saved us $500

Sunday, April 17, 2011



Strawberry cake slice
Snickers blizzard mini
Roast chicken
Spinach salad w/avocado
Corn on the cob
One s'more
Virgin mojito
Grapefruit juice

5 things to be happy about
Beautiful weather today
Having mr. Hu home to give me the pio shot
Our fire pit
Lime juice
The smooth creaminess of avocados

Cramping has finally subsided
Still not too hungry
Breasts super sore but again this happened before the transfer
Pretty keen sense of smell

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just coming off 24 hour bed rest. It is the weekend so maybe I wii self prescribe another 40 hours or so. Bored bored bored.

Recap of yesterday. Filled bladder as requested. This is not the easiest thing for me as i have an iron bladder. This means that I don't have a really good sense of when it is full. So I just kept drinking water until the Appt. Went for a light lunch with Mr. Hu. Then off to the Appt. Then heard the bad news. Only 4 high quality blasts. Two for transfer and two to freeze. That is two less than last time. That was a real downer. They should have told me after the transfer.

Not sure the transfer went that well. I have a very tipped uterus and every dr has had issues with navigating the turns. Makes me wonder if any of those residents who did the iuis actually injected anything. Had some cramps and the re held off on the plunger until they subsided.

It was ultrasound guided, but I saw nothing. The re tried to point out the bubble containing the blasts but it could have been anything if you ask me. I really wanted to ask what we were looking at but he seemed a little preoccupied with my curvy uterus so I let it slide.

I can't believe I have been through this three times before and have not documented every little thing. I keep asking Mr. Hu if he remembers anything and he is of douse, clueless. Heck half the time I don't think that he is even listening to me. I know that is a classic wifey complaint but I have literally tracked this and I think 50% falls through the cracks. Not just chit chat either. Like details of things that need to be done or deadlines that should not be missed. I guess this little rant has segued Into my next point. What am I doing during the two week wait.

1. Pizza last night. Only two pieces not totally hungry.
2. I am concentrating on being completely relaxed and avoiding stress. This means no German class today and skipping a friends party to celebrate the end of chemotherapy. I hate to bail, but if I didn't and I have a BFN I will always wonder if it is because I was to active. Yes, woman are very active after natural conception, but they aren't spending over 70k getting to that point with few options left.
3. Ok this I am going to try very hard to do. Be positive. That's right no more complaining or grousing. All positive all the time. I am not pupo. I am p.
4. Keep a better log of things. Eating,tracking symptoms and listing 5 positive things. So here goes


oh so tender breasts but of course they were like that yesterday. e2 and progesterone will do that
not hungry
not sleepy
a little thirsty


So far not so healthy
1/2 an almond croissant
tablespoon peanut butter
two fruit rollups
dll pickles
stuffed portobello mushroom
roasted sweet potatoes

Why life is good

It is going to be hard not to list the first two over and over so i will have to list details in the future.

My husband He is the love of my life
My puppy She has been wth me longer than my husband
Food network
Free cycle. Yes, I feel totally lucky to have won a free cycle and there were no hidden charges. Awesome!
Our two little children floating in my uterus

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Transfer day

Fertilization report

Monday they said out of the 30 eggs 26 were mature all were icsid but only 14 fertilized. We were shocked that our 30 dropped to half so quickly. the day 3 report and it was much better. 10 grade 2 embryos. (6-10 cell). 9 grade 1 embryos (8-10+ cells)

Transfer is later today. Hope we get to freeze a bunch!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So excited I can barely stand it

OK, I guess I will get everyone up to speed. We have been trying to conceive since Jan 2008.

Jan 2008 FSH 8. Ob/gyn says go for it on our own. You're healthy and your FSH isn't too high. Tried on own. Did BBT. Wow, are my cycles regular.

May 2008 Getting a little impatient. Let's go with Clomid.

Sept 2008-Dec 2008 OK, clomid didn't help. Lets go for IVF. FSH 15.5 Yikes!!! Clinic postponed everything because of holidays and RE national meeting. Really? 3 months with no IVF just because of scheduling. One month I was converted to IUI because of lack of stimulation

Jan 2009-IVF lupron flare protocol. 6 follicles 1 egg retrieved didn't fertilize. Nurse pulled me aside after the retrieval and recommended several other clinics!? Now I am wondering if I insulted the RE during the retrieval.

April 2009 Transfer clinics to one of the ones the nurse mentions. Initial consultation with one newbie RE. Did not like him at all. Very bad bedside manner. Other RE, Dr. L, has a great personality and seems to know what he is doing. Ask to switch to him. He says not much hope for my tired eggs. Start searching for donor. Nurse from previous clinic now transferred here. I had mentioned her recommendation to his clinic and he called her up and invited her back.

July 2009 Find donor.

Nov 2009 Thin lining. Saw my donor in the waiting room. Found out her name via internet search. 16 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized naturally, 6 embryos, 11/3 2 transferred and 4 frosties. 11/10 migraine 11/8-11/12 +HPT HCG 11/13-560 (twins?) 11/14 cramps bleeding 11/16-144 11/18-44

Jan 2010 Uterine biopsy,

Feb 19, 2010 FET #1 E2 3266, lining 5.8 P4 0.2 HCG<5

Mar-Jun 2010 Break, Acupuncture, Vitamin E, Orgasm

Mar 2010 Win a free cycle from another clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2010 Lining was 8.5 woo hoo! Nurse forgot to draw blood. Rushed home before work, took a prometrium before getting blood drawn at local clinic. P4 37. Apparently oral progesterone can enter blood stream very quickly. Cycle cancelled because of P4.

Aug 20, 2010 FET #2 One week vi*agra, E2 708, lining 6.8, P4 0.3 8/25 migraine HPT+ 8/27, 8/29 HCG-8/30 360 9/1 764 9/4 severe bleeding and worse cramping than last time HCG-1600
HCG-9/6 120

Nov 2010 Moved on to cycle with the clinic where I won a cycle. Donors nowhere to be found. I thought that the bad economy would help but apparently not.

Feb 2011 Found donor. Tested positive for NK cell activity. Starting to think this might be a scam, but intralipids only cost $185. That is not bad at all.

Apr 2010 Turned 44

Apr 2010 Second DE cycle Vitamin E, Lupron, Injectable E2, Intralipids, Viagra Lining 8.5 even before Viagra!!! 4/10 30 eggs retrieved!!!!!!!!!!! X fertilized naturally, X embryos, X transferred and X frosties.

Stay tuned!

Monday, March 21, 2011