Sunday, January 31, 2010

Doctor's orders

I find it very unusual that I have been told that I should not exercise. In the winter, I usually exercise a little less, but before Christmas I started going regularly to spin class. I really love group spin. It starts at 6 am, but it is a great way to invigorate and get a work out in early in the day. I like to get my heart rate up and sweat like crazy. For Christmas I even got a new Ga*rmin heart rate monitor and GPS. But alas at my last appointment they actually told me to cut back on the work outs.

I don't really understand it. I mean my body fat content isn't that low and I have always had regular cycles. Of course they did not tell me to go cold turkey. They just told me to cut back on the aerobic work and maybe do yoga and stretching. It is just hard to get into something when the heart rate doesn't get much above 120 bpm. It almost feels as if it isn't worth it to put the workout gear on. To be honest, it is kind of cool to have an excuse not to work out. "Can't go running, honey. Doctor's orders."

It is sad at the same time. Mr. Hoo has been running very avidly and I feel like a slug. I had to miss three of our annual runs because of IVF stuff. I also missed fulfilling my new year's resolution last year, which was to have a personal best for a 5K. Heavy sigh. The worst part is that my clothes are getting a bit tight.

I wonder what they will say if and when I do get preggers. I doubt they will let me run like I was. More likely my dog will be very happy and I will take her for extended walks. I guess I will have to just eat healthy food and do lots of yoga. I need something to reduce my stress level any way.

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  1. I'd run if someone were chasing me. Otherwise? The hiking saves my ass, as does yoga. Maybe you'll find a yoga that is more umph than rest?

    There is no other time I crave caffeine than the times I am supposed to be off it. I am the reverse psychology poster child.

    My acupuncture dude said I can exercise but to keep in mind I am trying to use my energy for something else, so do not go flat out, hell bent, whole hog... maybe there is an inbetween that will feel worthwhile?

    thinking of you,
    where are you in your cycle M? (don't share if you don't want to)