Monday, February 15, 2010

Walking a thin line (ing)

Well went in last Tuesday and the lining was a bare 6.5mm. Yuck. Then asked if we could thaw only one embryo in case this cycle is a bust, but no they were frozen in twos.

You have got to be kidding me. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

We are on for a transfer on Friday, though. I do not have my hopes up. The lining is thinner than it was last time. The doc said we could put it on hold, but then the uterine biopsy was for nothing. Though I don't know how any inflammation could still be going on seeing as I had the biopsy over 3 weeks ago.

One good thing is that the estrogen has made intimacy with Mr. Who very fun. My breasts have also gotten quite large (although they are very tender).

I am really just in the dumps today. Feeling as if we have to waste two more good embryos. Then we will only have two left. That just sucks. The whole donor egg 66% success rate seems highly unlikely at this point. Lets hope at least the transfer goes well. I had a stitch placed in my cervix to make the transfer easier. Basically the Dr. yanks on the thread to straighten my curvy cervix out and it makes the catheter enter more smoothly. I don't know, with all of my problems maybe it wasn't only my eggs that make it difficult to get pregnant. Maybe my cervix and uterus are just not hospitable environments for procreation.


  1. Oh sweetie, shit-- I really was hoping for some nice clear positive news for you--
    I read that the inflammation stays for more than one cycle-
    so if you decide to sit this one out, next will still show an improvement in the implantation rate- I'm just sayin'.
    And a stitch in the cervix sounds like no fun, but neither is then jabby pinchy pain of a cervical catheter that just.won;t.go. I get that too.

    What time is the transfer on friday?
    are you doing any acupuncture? that can help too.
    oh, how I miss the estrogen benefits-- I had NONE this cycle, what a bummer.

    thinking of you and pulling for you! yes, no matter what.

  2. Does your RE have you on Viagra suppositories? They can sometimes help with thickening up lining. I can't think of anything else offhand that would help!! How old are your embryos going to be at transfer? If you froze them at 3 days, maybe you can push them out to 5 days, then you may have enough time to thicken up the lining with Viagra.

    Having another two days of PIO may help as well. I hope that this cycle works!!!!

  3. Thinking of you
    thinking of you
    thinking of you
    and sending love