Friday, February 19, 2010


Well two 4BB blasts have now been transferred. I will try to post the pictures of the blasts later. One had reexpanded after thawing. The other was still all balled up. I don't know, that really bothers me. It was still collapsed which, of course, is completely natural because they have to collapse to freeze them. We have named this one Scrunchy. Haven't thought of a name for the other one.

The transfer did not go as smoothly as the first time. The doctor took a little longer and had to leave one catheter in to make sure the trail for the blast transfer catheter was open.

Now I am supposed to lie here in bed for the rest of the day. There really is no good TV on. Thank goodness the Food Network is here.

I think I am going to try to not think about work this entire weekend. It really raises my stress level. I was practicing relaxing in the Drs office. It is amazing how a couple of slow deep breaths really seem to release any stress present in the body.

Hopefully, one thing I can do with my free time is to catch up on all of the blogs. I have been following everyone, just not writing much because I have been traveling and had lots of work.

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  1. Maredsous! Happy transfer of your two beautiful blasts! i have never seen a compacted one (since, I've never had direct experience with frozen embryos), but the expanded one looks like it had never been frozen at all! Here's hoping for the best possible outcome, for a weekend of deep stress reducing breaths and for magic to occur.

    A voting block of 3, hm? any foods you wish would magically appear? any movies you've been hoping to see or see again?

    happy reading about implantation- I'd love to hear what you find out.

    thinking of you and sending love,