Monday, February 8, 2010


As a female scientist, I have some opportunity to mentor younger female scientists as well as listen to advice from women more senior than I. Interestingly, the more senior women seem to fall into two categories. Those that had children early in their career and those that waited too long. I am amazed how the first category of women fail to recognize that the odds of having children decreases with increasing age. I have to admit I fell into this category. I was mostly concerned about birth defects. I, to be honest, never heard about how difficult it is to procreate in the late 30's and early 40's. Now that I know, I am making it one of my objectives to spread the word to as many women as possible. This is not an easy task. Many younger females laugh and joke about the horror stories about shriveling ovaries. They think that I am being overdramatic. I don't want to frighten them. I just want the facts to be known and evaluated. I am not trying to convince everyone to go out an have babies immediately, I just want them to look at the scary charts that all the REs have shown me. They truly are frightening.

Then there are the naysayers who already have kids. They always come up with anecdotal data about the 45 year old who had a kid. And yes damnit, at my work place I am surrounded by these miracle women. 3 women over 40 who have unexpectedly become pregnant. Actually two out of the 5 professors in my department fall into this category. One of these did injectables, had one follicle, and did IUI. Two others over 45 who have also had a child within the past 4 years. I assure you that these women did not go through any IF treatments. None.

Why can't I be in that category? Why am I the poster child for delayed gratification? Well, any way. I get on my soapbox as often as possible, but I am not sure I am getting through. At least they are a bunch of scientists, so I think they appreciate the crummy curve that shows the precipitous drop in fertility after 35.

Tomorrow is my lining check. 3 weeks on injectable estrogen. My breasts are so tender and engorged. Lets hope that my lining has increased to match. Last week my E2 levels were 3500. Yikes, that seems pretty high. My lining was only 6.5mm but trilaminar. Wish me luck.


  1. BEST OF LUCK, Maredsous!
    (huge boatloads actually)-- hope your lining is exactly where it needs to be so you can move forward, gosh darn, that is a lot of estrogen.

    thinking of you and sending love,

  2. Sounds like you are gearing up! I know I fell into the uneducated category as well until a few years ago - and SO many people just don't share that private part of their lives. It is very misleading to the masses - I have so much respect for those celebrities that are open about their IVF attempts, to be in the public spotlight would be awful, especially when it doesn't work out. People are judgemental and they are uninformed.