Sunday, April 10, 2011

So excited I can barely stand it

OK, I guess I will get everyone up to speed. We have been trying to conceive since Jan 2008.

Jan 2008 FSH 8. Ob/gyn says go for it on our own. You're healthy and your FSH isn't too high. Tried on own. Did BBT. Wow, are my cycles regular.

May 2008 Getting a little impatient. Let's go with Clomid.

Sept 2008-Dec 2008 OK, clomid didn't help. Lets go for IVF. FSH 15.5 Yikes!!! Clinic postponed everything because of holidays and RE national meeting. Really? 3 months with no IVF just because of scheduling. One month I was converted to IUI because of lack of stimulation

Jan 2009-IVF lupron flare protocol. 6 follicles 1 egg retrieved didn't fertilize. Nurse pulled me aside after the retrieval and recommended several other clinics!? Now I am wondering if I insulted the RE during the retrieval.

April 2009 Transfer clinics to one of the ones the nurse mentions. Initial consultation with one newbie RE. Did not like him at all. Very bad bedside manner. Other RE, Dr. L, has a great personality and seems to know what he is doing. Ask to switch to him. He says not much hope for my tired eggs. Start searching for donor. Nurse from previous clinic now transferred here. I had mentioned her recommendation to his clinic and he called her up and invited her back.

July 2009 Find donor.

Nov 2009 Thin lining. Saw my donor in the waiting room. Found out her name via internet search. 16 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized naturally, 6 embryos, 11/3 2 transferred and 4 frosties. 11/10 migraine 11/8-11/12 +HPT HCG 11/13-560 (twins?) 11/14 cramps bleeding 11/16-144 11/18-44

Jan 2010 Uterine biopsy,

Feb 19, 2010 FET #1 E2 3266, lining 5.8 P4 0.2 HCG<5

Mar-Jun 2010 Break, Acupuncture, Vitamin E, Orgasm

Mar 2010 Win a free cycle from another clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2010 Lining was 8.5 woo hoo! Nurse forgot to draw blood. Rushed home before work, took a prometrium before getting blood drawn at local clinic. P4 37. Apparently oral progesterone can enter blood stream very quickly. Cycle cancelled because of P4.

Aug 20, 2010 FET #2 One week vi*agra, E2 708, lining 6.8, P4 0.3 8/25 migraine HPT+ 8/27, 8/29 HCG-8/30 360 9/1 764 9/4 severe bleeding and worse cramping than last time HCG-1600
HCG-9/6 120

Nov 2010 Moved on to cycle with the clinic where I won a cycle. Donors nowhere to be found. I thought that the bad economy would help but apparently not.

Feb 2011 Found donor. Tested positive for NK cell activity. Starting to think this might be a scam, but intralipids only cost $185. That is not bad at all.

Apr 2010 Turned 44

Apr 2010 Second DE cycle Vitamin E, Lupron, Injectable E2, Intralipids, Viagra Lining 8.5 even before Viagra!!! 4/10 30 eggs retrieved!!!!!!!!!!! X fertilized naturally, X embryos, X transferred and X frosties.

Stay tuned!


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  2. My fingers are crossed for you!!! 30 eggs is so wow :)