Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My goodness this is taking forever. I will not poas stick until Friday. But even a full day of work was not able to distract me. Not feeling pregnant. The last two times I felt different. Twinges here and there.


Decaf coffee
Pizza-homemaevwith turkey sausage, roasted corn, tomatoes,mushrooms,roasted bell pepper and olives.
Three jolly rancher candies
Blood orange


Breasts very sore but I have to repeat that this is because I am on super high levels of injectible e2
Feeling constipated is this a side effect of progesterone?
Minor cramping. Very hard to determine if this is because of above or separate.
Lack of hunger
Mild insomnia

Mr hu did not travel to work so I got to see him an extra day
He cleaned the kitchen
Jolly rancher candies
There still seems to be something going on in my insides
Taxes done and found documentation that saved us $500

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