Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just not feeling it today. Feel that it didn't work and we have to start over again, which we won't.

But right I am supposed to be positive here.

Good things

Rain storm today. I don't know when or how much it rained but we needed it.
I had an experiment that worked beautifully today.
Was very productive at work today
Nectarines. They really are my favorite fruit. I especially like them when they are quite firm.
I am really tired should have no problems falling asleep

Food yikes! I need more vegetables
Leftover pad woo sen
Jolly rancher chews
Blueberry breakfast bar
Griiled cheese sandwich
Left over grilled potatoes
10 chips and salsa and bean dip

Weird feeling in my lady parts
Rash on both buttocks and upper thighs
Ovaries hurt

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