Monday, March 22, 2010


I am resolved to use the last two blasts. They are mine, they should not go to waste, and they are already paid for. My next goal is to make sure this cycle goes as well as possible. Its not like we can screen ahead looking at the antral follicles and say ooh this will be a good round. I guess every cycle we will have to go into this hoping that the lining is thick, but if it is not wait until the next round. But I guess we blew the shot of the endometrial biopsy. I don't think the insurance will pay for a biopsy every other month. Maybe with the new health care.....

So acupuncture it is. How does one find a good acupuncturist? How often do I need to go and what should I expect to pay. Does it hurt? What if I miss a session?

I guess this cycle I just wait and find out what happens. I feel like I am in limbo. I HATE LIMBO. I just want to either give up or have it work. I hate trying and trying and trying. With no results.


  1. Where are you located? I use the Domar center, I know they have several throughout the country and they are AMAZING. Acupuncture doesn't really "hurt" but in my experience some of the points sting for a second or two but then it disapates and you begin to feel relaxed. My acupuncturist is always very certain to make sure I am comfortable, warm, and no needles are "pinchy", if they are, they move them so it is overall a really nice experience. Hope this helps!

  2. Find an acupuncture person who has a special interest in fertility if you can.

    For me, lots of needle insertion moments suck, but after a stinging moment, they are gone. A non-issue. So I just talk my way through the insertions. Each session lasts an hour (about 15 minutes to put the needles in, 45 minutes to lie there contemplating infinity).

    I pay 65/visit, my insurance does not cover it.
    I go once a week and have since November 2008.

    and just tell them you are not interested in herbs (unless you are). Most try to combine traditional chinese medicine with acupuncture. I did not.

    about finding a clinic, personal references are best (ask your clinic?) but I found this one fast with a search-