Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back on the horse

No, my treatment status hasn't changed at all. Still in the temperature surge of the luteal phase.

What I am back to doing is working out. I got on the wii fit on Sunday and miraculously even though I hadn't worked out seriously since before October, I think, I lost weight (2 lbs). The last time I was on the wii fit was 30 days ago. That means eating healthy actually helped.

What have I done so far? Ran a very slooooooooow 5K last Saturday. It was humiliating, but not bad considering I hadn't seriously run since before October. Then I ran 5K and did the stairclimer on Sunday. Then I woke up this morning at 5:30 to go to spin. Actually I woke up at 5:48. 20 min past when my alarm first went off. Still obediently went to the gym and yes, all of the spin bikes were taken. To make up for the lost class, I ran 4 miles tonight. Plans for the next 2 days spin at 6 am. Cross your fingers and be glad it is me and not you.

Why the sudden interest in working out. Two reasons a. Hawaii in a week. 2. If poor vascularization is my problem, wouldn't it make sense to up the need? Certainly, not exercising didn't help it, so maybe excercising will help. I also need to seriously do something to relax and release my constant stress. Yes, Hawaii may help. Yoga is also fun, but usually when I do it, it is more like a challenge. If that skinny, perfectly toned chick can bend over backwards and put her head between her knees, so can I. Well, sorta. I at least can dream.

Oh, but along the lines of healthy eating, I made the most fantastic salad tonight.

Spinach, yellow pepper, strawberries, peppa dews and homemade honey mustard vineagrette. Oh, I know it sounds weird, but it was really, really good.

Here is hoping that the new plan works...somehow.


  1. YUM
    that salad sounds divine
    make sure you are getting enough fat (I am not kidding)
    spin at 6?
    my idea of hell

    stress reduction matters so much, do what needs to be done.


  2. That sounds delicious. I have all of those ingredients and I can see a salad and the treadmill in my near future this evening! You go girl!