Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yes, I know I have been quite lax in writing, but really there isn't too much to report.

I went to the acupuncturist and dental hygienist on Wednesday. No they are not the same person, I just scheduled both appointments in the same day. What did I learn? I am not too sure I can see the scientific reasoning behind acupuncture. I know that everyone has great success with it and seems to enjoy it, but after I saw where the needles were placed I became very skeptical. For some reason, I thought the needles were placed very strategically at nerve or pressure points. To be honest I just don't see how needles in my legs and feet have any impact on my uterus. Also, it appears that we perform acupuncture all of the time when we give ourselves the hormonal injections. I am sure that I hit some of those same spots in my belly among the 100s of shots. The only needle where it felt like something was impacting another area was the need in the top of the head. It was pretty cool that I felt a twinge in my foot.

The Dr. was nice enough, but then she told me that I needed to take the herbs. Then she said the individualized plan was $5/day. I told her I couldn't do that. Then she said there are some packaged plans that she would prescribe. 32 pills a day. How do I tell her that I don't want to take the herbs? Will it make her have an excuse for the treatment not working? I bought them to not cause conflict, but really I don't want to take them.

She was very concerned that my extremities were cold and asked me if I had low energy. I said absolutely not. That I am one of the most energetic people that I know. Yes, she gave me pills for that, too. Also I can't drink anything with ice in it. (I already forgot about that rule yesterday).

She was very confident and said that I should see results very quickly. ie, my next period should have fewer cramps. She also said that she has seen increases in peoples linings about 70% of the time. That would be amazing.

Now, I need to ask, is this not going to work if I am skeptical. Do I need to just take the leap of faith and do everything she says? My logical side says that lying there calm and relaxed for 30 minutes is probably very beneficial, but I truly find it hard to believe that the needles in my thigh muscle have any impact. Kind of funny. In a way, I am complaining because I really didn't feel the needles. They went in quickly, and in most areas I felt nothing. Would I think it was working better if the needles were deeper and hurt more. What am I some kind of masochist?

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  1. I never did acupuncture. I never looked into it. I know many people do this when going through treatments but I just couldn't.

    I'm sure some herbs do have benefits. I just don't know if EVERYTHING they sell you does.

    Like you said, relaxing and laying still for a bit each day won't hurt you. I think thinking positive is good for ya too. Just in general. Not necessarily about this form of treatment.

    If you like it and think it will help - do it. Some people swear by it. Who knows, maybe that is why I'm not getting pregnant and why it took so long to conceive the first time?

    No matter what, seems like we always question ourselves and play the "what if" game -ya know?